Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bag a scarf

A few weeks ago I nipped into Lush to purchase some more Buffy soap/buffing bar - I was  introduced to it by a friend who used to work at Lush and it's fantastic, especially for holidays. It's a shower soap, exfoliator and moisturiser in one (as someone who has three or four separate bottles for these jobs you can see why it's a holiday space saver).

Anyhoo, once in the delicious smelling shop I got chatting to the nice sales lady about the gorgeous scarves they had hanging up around the till area.  They were a new thing for Lush she said, new scarves some made from recycled materials and vintage ones too.  She offered to show me how to make one a scarf into a little shopping bag.  Well I love a dual purpose item as we've already established so I purchased a scarf that the sales lady had in her 'secret' pile of favourites, lush isn't it!

Make a bag from a square scarf, this silk one from Lush was ideal
I thought I would share this lovely tip with you, square scarves are the best shape. It's a perfect little bag for impromptu holiday shopping trips around traditional little markets perhaps... not that I've been dreaming of a sunny Mediterranean paradise, no of course not... It is also a lovely way to gift wrap a present and best of all the gift wrapping can be un-tied and worn later.

To start with take your scarf and tie two corners in a loose knot,
First tie two corners in a loose knot
 Tie the other two corners in the same way,
By tying the next two corners of the scarf the bag starts to take shape

 Next tie the first two corners again (these ones will be a bit more fiddly and need to be tight),
By tying the first two corners together again this makes the first handle
 Tie the other two corners together again in the same way, these will be your handles so they need to be secure,
Put something inside you bag and pick it up by the handles
 Pick the bag up and arrange it, the first knots make an adjustable bag shape and the second make the handles,
Your impromptu bag is now ready for use, adjust it to close et volia

Et volia an impromptu scarf bag.  In fact it might also make a good evening bag, possibilities, possibilities...

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