Monday, 1 July 2013

Still blogging...

Metal butterflies found in the hotel lobby.
I haven't written a blog post for a while now, since before our gorgeous Rhodes holiday in fact, and it is that very holiday that I'm blaming for my 'radio silence' of late.  There have been some rather big goings on in the  G-P household (more about that to follow) which have meant that sadly, blogging, tweeting and facebooking have taken a back seat. I have missed partaking in all these social hotspots, up to a point, but it has also been a lovely not to think about clearing a space on my desk to take a photo every time I have finished a make.  I have however, missed having a place to share all that's been going on with village life. 

Photos this month are edited with and I thought the border was quite apt given the slide show style of this post!

A sunny day at the beach in RhodesSo I'll start a the end of May. Mr P and I went on a wonderfully sunny holiday to Rhodes, it was all that we needed, a fantastic rest, luxury and more olives than you could shake a stick at.  The best neighbours in the world (namely ours) thought it looked just as good as we did and we met there on our last and their first day.  My only disappointment about Rhodes town was that I didn't find a local yarn shop because I remember finding a great one in Crete owned by two impossibly old and cliched looking Greek ladies.

A baby hat knitted with 100% alpaca yarnThese crocheted sleeves look great on a plain t-shirtWhilst I was on holiday I managed to finish the crochet sleeves from Simply Crochet issue 4 and one half of a peter pan collar for an up-cycled t-shirt (which I haven't quite got round to sewing on yet). My decision to make only one half was mostly dictated by a lack of yarn (I used some spare black alpaca that I found in my stash) but it also turned out rather long and actually fits rather well around the neck without another half. My other makes on holibobs were a baby hat for friends who are expecting at the end of the year and I also got quite a few rows completed of a beautiful 100% cashmere lace scarf, but the breezy beach combined with sun tan lotion didn't lend itself to 2-ply cashmere.

During our holiday we sent Mr P's folks to see a gorgeous house in the village that had just become available for sale and long story short, it's ours - we can't wait to move in a few months!!

Cakes galore at the Baker's Dozen group in Guilsborough
Now we get to June and as usual the day after our return from holiday was hectic with seemingly endless errands, sorting out the petit P and this time also preparing for the inaugural meeting of Guilsborough's Baker's Dozen, a new monthly baking group set up by one of the many active residents in the village.  More about that at the end of this week, after the second meeting this Thursday. In the meantime here is a link to the group's blog and recipes from last months 'Citrus' theme, that's my Italian Orange and Almond cake in the foreground.

Spectacular views from Penshaw monumentOne of the gorgeous features of Holdenby House's gardens rarely open to the publicOther events in June were the Holdenby Food Fair, where I managed to spend £6 on a very small amount of delicious cashew nuts (although perhaps not £6 worth of delicious!) some sticky sweet macaroons, Father's Day cakes and six lemon and fennel sausages, which went down very well with pasta and a light homemade tomato sauce.  A business trip to Newcastle with my friend and colleague for my day job was surprisingly good fun and not like the many business trips I made with a past job. We jaunted around the countryside assessing the landscape for a client which included visiting Penshaw Monument, a 70 ft tall replica of the Doric Temple of Hephaestus in Athens. The view from the top of Penshaw Hill was spectacular, we even saw the sea - something quite novel for us Midlanders. The icing on the cake was a great night's sleep in a gorgeous room and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, it was practically a girls jolly!

Thoroughly Modern Maker's sock workshops are great for budding sock knitters of all levelsThe childens craft club that I run at the Leicestershire Craft Centre (LCC) in Market Harborough began again in June and continues for another two weeks in July.  During our first week we made woodland animals, sewn and appliqued with fabric and felt featuring raw edges that we finished with pinking shears.  Last weekend we made pen pots with rolled paper and next week we're weaving little pockets using a cardboard loom.  Last week I also took a beginner sock workshop at the centre with three lovely newbie sock knitters and we knitted cute little ankle socks using DMC's French Cotton 4-ply yarn, which is sold at LCC in lots of pretty colours.  It felt so nice to pass on the love of sock knitting...!

As you can see it has been a busy month or so and that's not the whole of it, but I'll save the rest for next time.