Friday, 23 August 2013

August Break Mash Up

After a few busy and stressful weeks I'm so happy to have the bank holiday weekend at home with very few plans, including an afternoon tea and a BBQ with the best neighbours in the world (it's their offical title). I've also been having fun putting together my new schedule for the next 6 week children's craft club starting September 7th. Take a look at my workshop pages and Leicestershire Craft Centre website for more details.

Since we returned from our hols I've been to an English beach which was stunning after a week of too hot to bear sand in Portugal and I've caught up with lovely friends from our days down south. I've been knitting like a demon and this week I had news of even more babies arriving in the next year so back to the knitting straight after this entry. This gorgeous knitted and felted deer head by Claire Garland is right up there on my list!

I've been loving the August Break photo challenge but what with the holiday and very little internet access my days have become a bit messed up. So to just about catch myself up, here are days 17 to 21 with 15 thrown in there for good measure.

Day 15
Whilst we were on holiday I read a great Agatha Christie and most of the new Dan Brown.  Now I know many people hate and laugh at his books, but I don't care, they are good, interesting and sometimes thought provoking stories.  Okay so his plot techniques and twists and turns are rather contrived and perhaps even getting a little predicable but hey, I couldn't do any better. That said I didn't photograph either book and instead this is part of my book cabinet at home- many other lesser titles are used to partially hold up our bed.

Day 17 & 18 Touch & Looking down
Taken whilst having a leisurely Sunday stroll on Poole beach with my lushious buddy Jules.


Day 19 White
Not quite white sand but just look at those beautiful white tipped clouds and the cute gulls, both of which I missed in the heat of Portugal.
Day 20 Taste
Living in a village has many, many benefits which I bang on about a lot here, but in the summer one of the best is coming home to find a bag of local alloment grown veg left on your doorstep by a kindly villager, it's just lush!

Day 21 Something Old
My favourite old thing (besides my Gran ;-) is my antique wedding ring that belonged to a wonderful lady I was lucky enough to call Great Aunt Grace. It's a constant reminder of my family, where and who I came from.
Tomorrow I'll do Midday and Sacred, hmmm I feel a doubler coming on again, namely photographing my LIE IN which is both sacred and may just end about midday!

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