Monday, 17 March 2014

It's been a while or, I'm busy making small things.

It's been a while since I blogged or updated my website, the craft workshops, one to one sessions and my making habits however have been prolific. In fact I've been very busy making a small thing 24/7 for the last 6 months and will continue to for just around another 3 months - yep we're expecting our first baby Pett!

It's all very exciting and I can't wait to meet the little one.  In the meantime I'm busy making lovely little knitted baby things, baby things on the sewing machine, crocheted baby things, the list goes on - although however prolific I think I'm being that's nothing in comparison to soon to be Nana Anna and Great-Granny. A busy cottage knitting factory is the only way to describe those two. Little Mango Pett and I feel very privileged that we'll receive so many handmade items with love and excited anticipation knitted into every tiny stitch.

My sewing skills have been seriously up-skilled by a recent Dress in a Day workshop that Mum and I attended at the Leicestershire Craft Centre (LCC).  Here I am sporting the lovely dress I made on the day (fabric is Amy Butler I think) and I love it so much I'm making another with short sleeves (see blue and mustard fabric that Tabs is admiring). I might just fit into them for another week or so and after baby arrives I will hopefully be able to take it in at the waist and wear them again once we're done feeding.

This is my first knitted and finished item for Mango, it's from Debbie Bliss's Ultimate Book of Baby Knits, I just have to wash, block and add the cute little duckling buttons to it.
I've been able to treat myself to lots of gorgeous yarn (and fabric) thanks to a local House of Fraser closing down sale (great for me and other crafters, not so great for the Coates concession staff who haven't got jobs to go to, so good luck to all of them and thanks for the great service over the last few crazy months). The picture on the right is the start of an unusual but simple baby cardigan that I am knitting using the leftover grey of the stripey cardigan.  I say unusual because this pattern, Kanoko Baby Cardigan by Melanie Lok (a free download from Ravelry) starts at the neckband and then makes equally spaced increases to work the yoke and button bands before splitting for the armholes. I'm really enjoying the thought that I don't have to pick up stitches or knit a separate button and neckband.

I toyed with the idea of making a cushion for the nursery, or little stacking blocks with this piece of Hungry Caterpillar fabric that I found lurking in a basket of oddments at the LCC the other week, but I eventually settled on these taggies. I've incorporated bits of ribbon that I've collected over the years, bits of ribbon and lace from my Gran's sewing box that I inherited a few years ago, along with oddments of fabric. I'm really pleased with the results. They are filled with a divinely soft pure wool wadding which will make washing a delicate affair but I've made two so...! 

Not only have I been busy making for baby but I have also been sorting and doing a touch of decorating in our gorgeous new house. I got rid of the horrible terracotta red wall in the kitchen diner and went for a fresh green instead, it makes such a difference especially as the Spring starts sprunging.

If you would like help with crafty projects for your baby or a new arrival in your life, do get in contact to book one to one or group knitting, crochet or sewing sessions with me.  I will be working until the end of May and although I've got lots of workshops in the diary I find it hard to say no and love any excuse to meet new people and share my skills!


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