The Maker

Carrie Gardner-Pett, The Thoroughly Modern Maker Blogger and tutorI am Carrie Gardner-Pett the Thoroughly Modern Maker. I'm a self taught knitter, crocheter, felter, sewer, crafter, baker, you name it, if it involves yarn, fabric, threads, pretty things, buttons or sugar I'll probably have tried my hand to it.

I have a busy home life in a gorgeously rural Northamptonshire village, with a car mad husband, a young live-in nephew, two Siamese cats, three goldfish, and a stash of yarn so big we might start insulating the loft with it.

Carrie's crafting workspaceI'm constantly finding new things that I want to make and the more I learn for myself the more my passion for teaching and sharing my skills grows. I know how much pleasure, wellbeing and self-worth can be had from learning a new crafty skill, not to mention the enjoyment that can be had by a group of friends during a craft class, learning to knit or learning to crochet a granny square for example. 

Carrie the Thoroughly Modern Maker teaches children to knitKnitting and crochet are my first crafty passions and like many yarn lovers I was taught to knit by Mum and both Nan's when I was quite young. I remember knitting teddies and little animals, following simple patterns and then making my own patterns for simply constructed items as I got a little older.  I left knitting for a while although I would say we always did some sort of craft at home, drawing, painting, cross stitch, baking and the like.  I started again at university when a friend took up knitting, teaching herself from a musty book she'd found in the libary. She was terrible and I realised pretty soon after correcting many of her mistakes that I was good at this knitting malarky. I haven't looked back since.

I worked for a several years at an alpaca farm, which for the most part was a fantastic job selling yarn, writing pattern, teaching knitting workshops and craft classes and it was only then that I realised that teaching and tutoring was the thing I wanted to do. I left in order to learn more, discover beautiful things to make, improve my techniques, write more patterns and how-to's, blog about making, use new technology to continue traditional crafts but most of all share the satisfation and joy that making and crafting can bring.
Settle down to craft with a cuppa and some homemade biscuits