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A Kitsch Noticeboard

  • A stretch canvas
  • Material to cover your chosen size of canvas with 10cm 'hem' on each edge.
  • Ribbon (find out how much you need by measureing it against the longest edge of your canvas - you'll need apx 6 times this length)
  • Wadding apx same measurement as material (a few cm less on each edge is fine)
  • Staple Gun
  • Apx 8 buttons (depending on how many times your ribbon will cross)
  • Needle & thread
1. Lay out your fabric right side down, place wadding on top. I used Simply Cotton "Back to Basics" 100% Cotton Batting which was probably overkill and far to good for a noticeboard - I used two layers.

 2. Place your stretched canvas in the centre of the material and wadding with and even hem on each side.

3. Using the staple gun, first lift the wadding and staple to the canvas frame in just a few places.

4. Next pull up the material and tuck this under your wadding to give a neat edge. Again staple in a few places, starting at the middle in order not to pull or wrinkle the fabric and wadding. (You can see here that my fabric wasn't quite big enough but I just had to use it, it's so gorgeous!)

5. Pay particular attention to the corners, cut excess fabric and pull and tuck one edge over another to give a clean neat finish.

6. Next take the ribbon and before cutting it experiment with how many sections you want to create by laying it across the noticeboard diagonally. I went for four one way and three the other.

7. Finish the noticeboard off nicely with some buttons, I sewed through from the back of the canvas at the crossing point of the ribbons. It's now ready to be hung on the wall and filled with all my bits and bobs!

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